Public Speaking

It is said that public speaking is the #1 fear of humankind. Indeed, effective communication is a universal key that can open many doors, including that of the American oval office. In fact, we have seen this in a full demonstration with the elections of President Obama and President Trump. Both men swayed a nation to extreme firsts with powerful speeches presented in very different ways. Public Speaking is an all too often overlooked elective course in public school, when and if it is available.  Voices of Foster Care is a bold new initiative, which hypothesizes that improved communication skills can change the trajectory of a person's life and well-being. 


As small children, when we are unable to communicate, we throw tantrums and cry. As adults, when we are unable to communicate effectively, we make mistakes that can be devastating and irreversible. With nurturing and education, humans are expected to grow into well-adjusted citizens, capable of working and reasoning through life's obstacles. But all-too-often foster children are stunted in their growth the moment they have been ripped away from their natural families. Voices of Foster Care offers uninterrupted space and time to workshop Toastmaster-level communications techniques.


Voice of Foster Care will be the first documentary of its kind, designed to enrich the future of young adults who are aging out of foster care.


There are always at least 400,000 children in foster care every year in America. Some may argue that the well-meaning institution breeds dependency and cultivates abuse tolerance, making it easy for them to slip into human trafficking and prisons. By all measures, the prejudged outcomes for those who age out of the system are astoundingly dim. The Voices of Foster Care Historical Oratorical and Documentary will be a bright light on the path to self-efficacy for our student participants and viewers.


Participants of Voices of Foster Care will gain employability and personal development while getting hands-on experience in the full production of the Voices of Foster Care Documentary. In addition to developing communications interests, Voices of Foster Care offers the following opportunities for growth:


  • - Improved written and verbal Communication Skills

  • - Confidence & Anxiety Management through Meditation & Movement

  • - Preparedness & Planning

  • - Expressive and Expository Writing

  • - Casual Conversation vs Professional Communication 

  • - Problem-solving and Conflict Resolution

  • - Environmental Adaptability

  • - Group/Partner Collaboration

  • - Research and Resource Management

  • - Organizational Skills

  • - Decision-making skills  

  • - Responsibility and Accountability

  • - Initiative & Leadership

  • - Information Use

  • - Accomplishment

  • - Analyzing Facts and Figures

  • - Defining Challenges

  • - Devising Contingency Plans

  • - Creating and Implementing Solutions  


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The United States maintains more than 400,000 abandoned and removed children in the foster care system and funnels about $1.3 Billion into it every year. The results of this flawed system bind freedom with red tape, prepare children for abusers and sex traffickers, and systematically escort teenagers into prisons. Voice of Foster Care is a life-changing experience for personal growth and the facilitation of self-efficacy. Our students will not only learn how to speak but will also, demonstrate in a self-produced public exhibition, which will be filmed live and broadcast worldwide. So, no matter where you are, if you can get online, you can watch the evolution of our young people as they step onto the world stage with strong voices, empowered and unafraid of what the future holds.


What is transparent in a system guarded by anonymity and protected by immunity, is that fostered youth must protect, care for, and prepare themselves for the future.