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HIPINC.ORG is excited to present a fresh and fantastic communications curriculum for young adults who are aging out of foster care. Our creative workforce development platform offers an educational rural retreat to Electric Church in Hampton, Georgia. Our students will have fun developing skills, working in teams, and manifesting the power to become great public speakers, while co-producing Voices of Foster Care: Historical Oratorical Documentary. Our Georgia Pilot (2023) will light a path to repeat the program with new themes.


Voices of Foster Care projects include:


  • Health & Wellness Retreats

  • Organic Concepts in Self-Harm Reduction & Self-Care

    • Meditation

    • Yoga & Qi Gong

    • Soil & Nature Exposure

    • Self Care Product Making

    • Healing Tones & Positive Mantras

  • Public Speaking & Communications Courses 

  • Music/Soundtrack Production

  • Documentary/Film Production

  • Literary Content & Publishing

  • Life & Work Skills Development

We invite you to support Voices of Foster Care today with your kind tax-deductible donations. 

Not far from Atlanta, Electric Church offers 13 acres of land and water to clear the mind of city noise.


Transportation will be provided by ATL Bus Company, manager of our private community bus, "Coffy Bus," presently under renovation by our Interns Ascennsionn Art Collective of Atlanta.


Health and Wellness services will be provided by HIP Team Member Healing Tribes.


Public speaking instructors will include Toastmasters, professional poets, and ministers.