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Holter Intellectual Property, Inc. designs curriculums that blend artistic and professional development elements with contemporary critical frameworks in cultural discourse. The Voices of Foster Care is a 3-year education and production plan that aims to create 4 documentary film projects with accompanying educational workshops, textbooks, live music and soundtracks, visual art, and fashion. The program includes the following workshops and events:


Hampton Soul Festival Workshop: This 8-week program focuses on training young adult management and production staff, outreach to the citizens of the City of Hampton, and live music development for Voices of Foster Care soundtracks. It culminates in the video-documented Hampton Soul Fest live music festival endorsed by The City of Hampton and Mainstreet.


Where the Rainbow Hides, A Homestead Act: This workshop is designed for LGBT young adults who have aged out of foster care. It includes health and wellness coursework and fundraising fashion show production.


Historical Oratorical: This workshop is designed for young adult males who have aged out of foster care in Georgia. It includes a health and wellness curriculum and oratorical production.


Becoming the Goddess: This workshop is designed for young adults who have aged out of foster care and are recovering from sexual abuse. It includes a health and wellness retreat to Mount Shasta with a noninvasive Eastern medicinal curriculum and a literary anthology publishing project.



Historical Oratorical

Where The Rainbow Hides:

A Homestead Act

Becoming the Goddess

Hampton Soul fest

Hampton Soul festival Workshop



With the assistance of D'Wayne Wiggins, Creator of R&B sensation Tony! Toni! Tone'!, the Voices of Foster Care Documentary will feature a soundtrack produced by Student Participants. Read More.


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